Custom Flooring Designs

Since then, technology has moved forward. Concrete can be placed, poured, stained, molded, or in-filled with various marble chips, seashells, and metal objects to achieve any type of desired look. All these techniques evoke the feel of warm sensuous stone that can adapt to any setting or any style – modern, aged and/or traditional.

Concrete works well in any environment- from a restaurant bar, to hotel bathroom, to any amenity in a residential loft or home setting. It’s natural for fireplace hearths and in bathrooms, concrete can be used with stunning results as a vanity, bench, bath surround. The beautiful shape of formed, smooth concrete lends itself perfectly to the bathing and cleansing experience.

Of all the residential spaces, however, the Kitchen offers the optimum environment where one can take advantage of concrete’s unique ability to follow form – and where form can, in turn, follow function. For photos see our Pratt Household gallery.

What has become clear is that the impulse to build personal expression in our homes is as inborn and natural as the impulse to grow vegetables we harvest in our own gardens. The ultimate success of any project we endure is how well it fits in composition, form, colour, and proportion to the space that it resides in.

Surface Design Systems is hopeful that our approach to kitchen and bath design work with specialty concretes will be driven by your own creativity in customizing any single sculptured element inquiry.


Rick Cuthbert
President of Operations

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