Concrete Acid Stain Flooring

      a decorative liquid applied flooring system

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      Self Leveling Concrete

      the most sophisticated flooring alternative available

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      Moisture Control Systems

      reduces water vapour drive below the compliance level

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      Concrete Repair

      over 12 years of installation and technical experience

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      What Our Clients Say About Us


      “I’m absolutely thrilled with the floors that Surface Design Systems did in our home.”
      – Elaine Cecconi

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      About Us

      Since our inception in the early 1990’s, Surface Design Systems has been a service provider installing specialized self leveling concrete topping of a wide variety. They range from decorative applications to all purpose underlayments over wood and concrete, as well as concrete restoration / moisture control in concrete.

      It is our belief that we were one of the few companies in Canada (as early as 2000) that pioneered correcting moisture-related problems in concrete. This included high pH alkalinity issues that accompany moisture issues coupled with flooring failures. Please review our testimonials when you visit our site for further information regarding moisture control.

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