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Surface Design Systems installs one of the most sophisticated flooring systems available on the market today. For further information regarding this unique process that offers complete freedom of design straight out of a bag. We invite you to explore our commercial portfolio as there are reasons why our client roster is a “who’s who” listing when you choose this state of the art flooring with endless design capabilities . As a result we have gained a strong reputation among our clients as a firm dedicated to continuous improvement within our industry.

059_59Fogler Rubinoff LLP Toronto, Ontario

Surface Design Systems was invited to participate in the development and the installation/ design concept of this discreet but subtle-looking concrete commercial floor for this prestigious client.

The design work involved placing two different brilliant white tints by volume in Ardex Engineered Cements SD-T which was accentuated with very fine custom-made terrazzo inlays the design group Cecconi Simone wanted to achieve. This two dimensional look was traditionally polished similar to terrazzo and sealed to a satin finish. Ardex SD-T is the most sophisticated flooring system on the market today offering a unique freedom of design as pictured.

dw3Designer’s Walk – Over Wood Installation

Our client was looking for a clean, sleek, soft shine concrete floor to accentuate the office decor with carpeted inserts throughout. Their issue was whether this type of flooring could be installed over existing distressed tongue N groove wood flooring. Surface Design Systems utilized Ardex Engineered Cements SD-T technology and their proprietary flexural agent to install the first over-wood decorative self-leveling concrete floor system in 1997 in Canada.

Even the most discriminating of customers would be impressed with the smooth flat qualities offered by Ardex SD-T. Designers Walk was!

win4Winners HomeSense (Ron Clarke & Associates)

“We appreciate and acknowledge the extensive specialized work that your company offers.” – Ian Burns, VP
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