Concrete Acid Stain Flooring

      Surface Design Systems has been actively involved in offering concrete acid stain flooring as a decorative liquid applied flooring system since 1999. Please find below a brief discussion speaking of concrete acid staining as a flooring option and please go to our photo gallery for further illustrations.

      bobo_033_33Concrete acid stain flooring is a unique chemical application consisting of naturally occurring metallic compounds dissolved in acid to create uneven, variegated or translucent colour effects on concrete surfaces.Concrete acid stain flooring is much like shadings of natural stone and penetrates the surface of newly poured concrete or existing concrete surfaces. The concrete acid stain flooring will exhibit an aged patina appearance and the results are unique to each surface and cannot be duplicated by other known colouring methods to achieve the same appearance. Due to the chemical reaction with concrete, the concrete acid stain flooring application becomes part of the surface, and will not fade, chip, crack peel and wears only as concrete wears.Furthermore concrete acid stain flooring once applied to concrete reacts with the calcium ( free lime ) in the concrete. The final colour of the concrete acid stained flooring, and its appearance will be dependent on the chemical composition, mix design, porosity, age curing method texture and the existing colour of the concrete and condition it is being finally applied to.

      Concrete acid stain flooring has been around for several years and is widely installed in all sorts of commercial applications ranging from retail outlets, showrooms, restaurants, office foyers, concrete counter tops to name a few.Tips when installing acid stain flooring:

      1. Additional range of colour effects can be achieved when applying concrete acid stain flooring over an induced, or existing surface of concrete that has been coloured to look other than the traditional colour of concrete.
      2. The concentration of concrete acid stain flooring will create a more intense appearance, coupled with the time the concrete acid stain flooring application is left in contact with the concrete surface, ie ( length = intensity ).
      3. Multiple applications of various concrete acid stain flooring colours applied over top of one another will create various looks.
      4. Water curing a new concrete pour intensifies the concrete acid stain effect.

      bobo_017_17Lastly, Surface Design Systems utilizes clear aliphatic urethane technology to intensify the patina look of concrete acid stain flooring as one alternative. To preserve the variegated appearance in addition to a high gloss intensified appearance, there are other finishes available to protect the surface of the chemically stained flat work ranging from opaque to translucent matching sealers to achieve the ultimate effect and appearance you are looking for.

      For further information please contact Rick Cuthbert when considering a decorative acid stained feature over concrete.

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