Concrete Repair

      sir-james-whitney-003When you purchase any flooring system from Surface Design Systems, you’re getting more than just a drop dead gorgeous designer floor and/or a smooth flat surface to work from. You are also getting over 12 years of installation and technical experience and everything you need to place the right flooring operative in your building without failure.

      Since our inception, it has been our experience that in order to finish the surface of any concrete floor, concrete repair is usually needed and especially when you encounter poor slab conditions.

      The degree of concrete repair can significantly change from job to job, as we have experienced over the years. In order to facilitate any type of concrete repair, you must remove all friable, loose & distressed areas of concrete to a sound substrate, thus determining the method of concrete repair for the given environment. There are several types of manufactured concrete repair materials that Surface Design Systems utilizes to achieve a smooth transition from the existing concrete slab to completion.

      sir-james-whitney-015This is done prior to installing our specialty flooring systems over any concrete repair in order that it does not telegraph through, and into the newly placed flooring system that would otherwise exhibit an unsightly appearance. At Surface Design Systems, we know how vital concrete repair is, and being an integral part of our restoration program in surface preparation of concrete, allows us to achieve our objective.

      Since our inception in 1995, Surface Design Systems has been a service provider in functional and/or decorative liquid applied flooring. In order for these flooring systems to look good, the appropriate concrete repair must first be implemented, in order to create a mechanical bond between the concrete repair material and the liquid applied floor being installed.

      Failure to successfully marry any concrete repair to the finished surface will result in a breakdown of the mechanical bond. This deficiency usually occurs shortly after the floor has been put into use.

      Finally, when you utilize our services for your flooring requirements, which includes concrete repair + surface preparation, we also offer a dedicated commitment to service and other additional technical support through select manufacturers and their products. For further information, please continue to browse through our web site to find out more. Ultimately, our business will floor you.

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