Moisture Control Systems

      Surface Design Systems began successfully correcting moisture-related problems in concrete (ie. vapor emissions, alkalinity high pH) causing various flooring failures as early as 2000 in Canada.

      It is our belief that we were one of the few companies in Canada that pioneered corrective systems to reduce the water vapour drive/moisture identified to an acceptable level and/or below the compliance level of the finished floor goods through our association with those manufacturers in this specialty field in remediating the same (ie. Sinak Corp, Koester USA, Floorseal, Mapei and Ardex Engineered Cements to name a few).

      Furthermore, moisture-related flooring failures has been an ongoing issue for years. Global warming, high ground water table, faster construction schedules with specification issues surrounding concrete, and site controls have contributed greatly to the presence of moisture in the ever changing flooring industry. Surface Design Systems is recognized by several water proofing manufacturers for our expertise in moisture remediation, more specifically our proven track record since the year 2000.

      Read our reference letter from Edward Paveo of the Chedoke Twin Pad Arena in Hamilton, Ontario.

      The following list of services reflects our expertise in moisture control:

      * Accurate moisture testing of concrete
      – qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis reporting that confirms the water vapour drive within 1000 sq. ft. in a 24 hour cycle in accordance to the following standard practices:

      a) ASTM-F 1869-98 calcium chloride moisture testing
      ASTM-E 1907-97
      b) ASTM-F 2170 standard test method for determining relative humidity in a concrete floor using
      situ probes
      c) Measurement of alkalinity pH within a slab in the presence of moisture

      * Moisture remediation from low level problems to extreme water vapour issues for levels up to extreme water vapour for levels up to 25 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. in a 24 hour cycle

      * Mineralogical and chemical analysis of concrete slab specimens to evaluate organic and inorganic contamination that contributes to delamination along the bond line of concrete

      * Installation of specialty systems that are unaffected by high levels of alkalinity in accordance to test method ASTM D – 1308 and offer 94% reduction in moisture in the presence of highly alkaline concrete (pH 14)

      Refer to our photo gallery of a commonly installed remedial system that reduces water vapour drive below a 3lb. compliance level in view of the ever changing flooring systems manufactured that cannot exceed this upper threshold.

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