Sir James Whitney School – Non-bonded specialty concrete over wood

      R. E. Hein Construction, Ottawa, Ontario
      Six 6° Degrees Architectures and Design- Toronto, Ontario
      Surface Design Systems was approached to install a high performance non-bonded specialty concrete flooring system over wood throughout the above mentioned historical site.

      Mapei Canada, through their concrete restoration systems, supplied Surface Design Systems their proprietary Mapei HCT add mixture technology. Surface Design Systems installed 1 5/8″ of this technology with custom made 2″ by 2″ welded wire mesh for reinforcement, prior to installing Mapei self leveling concrete underlayment to acheive a flat, smooth surface. The Mapei HCT Mapecem system is a shrinkage compensated Portland cement base binder, that when added to selected aggregates with water creates a fast curing high strength interior mortar or topping. This was a perfect fit for this given environment.

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